Gina Booth

Gina has had a life long interest in diverse spiritual studies. At a young age, Gina discoverd she had psychic abilities and as an adult has developed her gifts of Clair Audience, Clairvoyance and Clair Sentience. She has studied with Katherine Knutson McPherson, Nancy Jernander, Echo Bodine and CJ Sellers.

Gina feels very fortunate to be able to utilize her gifts to help people. Her mission is to provide an ethical service to clients and to educate people about ghosts and medium/psychic work.

Gina’s services include:

  • Individual and Group Readings
  • Contacting Deceased Loved Ones
  • Ghost Busting and Space Clearing
  • End of Life Transitional Communication
  • Psychic & Mediumship Development Instruction
Client Testimonial / Feedback:

Thank you, Gina, for opening my eyes and mind to phenomena from the other side. I'm impressed by your dedication to your work, positive perspective, ability to put your customers at ease, normal demeanor, openness to explaining what you do, and your results!
Since you've been out to one of my rental properties, my tenants have not reported a single incident of unexplained door slammings and footsteps. Furthermore, my dog is no longer afraid to be at that particular property. Prior to your visit (since 1983), I had received reports from people residing there of unexplained events. I also very much appreciate how you recently helped my youngest daughter tackle her fears regarding sightings she had reported in our own home, as well as the framework you provided for helping our entire family better understand paranormal events. I found it interesting and somewhat comforting to discover that you and my daughter independently described the exact same ghosts within our home, (e.g., the woman who was sad and sat by our piano and the German physician). Bottom line is this: I trust you, I know you do quality work, and I highly recommend your services - Dan