Reflexology is an ancient form of therapy performed mainly on the feet.  It breaks down energy blockages that are stagnant by accessing your body's systems using the nerve pathways that correlate to different organs and body systems through the feet.  This therapy can be used for many different ailments such as back pain, hip pain, headaches, constipation, neuropathy and more.  Sessions are anywhere from 30 to 60 minutes.

30 minutes $35.00 

60 minutes $65.00


Ear Candling  

Candling or coning is done with a hollow candle either dipped in beeswax or parafin. Using the candle a plate and bucket of water the client lies on their side or sits in a chair, the therapist then light the candle to draw out impurities in the ear canal.  The candle burns down to about 4 inches and is extinguished in the water.  We can then open the candle to see what is inside.  It has been known to help people with tinitus (ringing in the ears), sinus issues and hearing.

2 candles $40.00 (1 candle each ear)

4 candles $60.00 (2 candles each ear)

6 candles $80.00 (3 candles each ear)

Disclaimer: Candling is not to be used as an alternative to medical treatment.