Healing Touch

A holistic energy approach to health and healing, Healing Touch is used to treat the body, chakras and aura. These energies can become blocked, congested or unbalanced, leading to illness or disease. Using a light on-and-off touch HT helps heal the physical, emotional and spiritual well being of the client. Many hospitals across the country use HT to bring comfort and well being to chronically ill and surgical patients. With this holistic approach in healing, a person can feel more connected spiritually to themselves and others.

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Quantum Touch

This therapy is used alone or with other modalities including massage, CranioSacral and Healing Touch. Using a light touch, QT can increase the effectiveness of your therapy and speed the healing process in your body. Quantum Touch increases the energy vibration in the body and allows healing at a cellular and spiritual level. QT uses the natural life force colors we are born with to facilitate the healing of tissue, organs and fields of the etheric body. In many ways, QT is transformational to the body, mind and spirit.

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Crystal Therapy/Sound Therapy

The use of crystals and stones as talismans for protection and healing dates from ancient times. Crystals and Sound in conjunction with energy work can have a profound effect in healing the body and in the auric fields. I use different types of crystals to increase the healing being performed by placing them on or around your body. Sound is used over and around the body, to enhance the energy work being done by transforming and harmonizing with the energy in your body to focus the healing where it is most needed.

Energy therapy rates:  1 hour  $100.00  or 1 1/2 hour $150.00

Please note that some healing therapies can be used in conjunction with a massage session for an additional fee.