Studies have shown that massage is more effective in relief of chronic pain than most other alternative therapies available. It can help you feel better, give you more energy and feel more relaxed.

We are trained in therapy aspects of neuromuscular, deep tissue, Esalen, Swedish, TuiNa (Chinese Massage), acupressure, myofacial release, reflexology and several others. In a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere, we incorporate many of these techniques in your customized massage session with the intent of effectively and comfortably delivering the healing benefits you need, such as breaking up the scar tissue and adhesions that can cause pain, relieving painful muscle tension and enhance your body’s ability to heal by increasing the absorption of nutrients and releasing endorphins, which are natural pain relievers.  Appointments are available both days and evenings, every day of the week to fit your busy schedules.  

Massage Bodywork Rates By Mary:

• 30 minutes $40.00
• 60 minutes $80.00
• 90 minutes $120.00
• 120 minutes  $150.00



 Chair Massage is also available on-site for a 2 hour minimum at $85.00 per hour.